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Is your summer ruined by the misery of hay fever?

Start long term hay fever treatment now.

  • Immunotherapy is the only allergy medication with proven long term impact.
  • Fully UK licensed medication for the treatment of seasonal grass pollen-induced hay fever.
  • Initial face to face assessment with a doctor then treatment is sent directly to your preferred address.
  • Tree pollen and dust mite allergy treatment also available – select when registering.

Why choose Smart Allergy Solutions?

Smart Allergy Solutions was set up by Professors Adam Fox and Stephen Till who are who are clinical experts in paediatric and adult allergy respectively in Britain and hold NHS posts at a leading London teaching hospital. They have both been working with immunotherapy for over a decade and are experts in their field.

As a result, these two doctors have come together to develop Smart Allergy Solutions, which allows patients to sign up to an online course of immunotherapy, which operates under their guidance and is administered initially through a face-to-face assessment with a specialist allergist.

How it works

The process is simple, and follows the steps below. First you register online and answer a few questions. If you are eligible we will set you up with an appointment with one of our specialist allergists, who will then confirm and start your treatment.


Register online and answer a few questions about your condition.



Attend an appointment with one of our specialist allergists for a medical check up and a few simple allergy tests.


(after initial payment for 3 months)


Start your desensitisation treatment for your hayfever symptoms.

Register now and answer a few simple questions to discover if you could be eligible for our treatment

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