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About Smart Allergy Solutions

Smart Allergy Solutions was created by Professors Adam Fox and Stephen Till who are clinical experts in the area of paediatric and adult allergy in Britain. From the decades of experience of working both within the NHS and privately they developed Smart Allergy Solutions specifically to offer a broader availability of the immunotherapy treatment to both adults and children.

Whilst available on the NHS, Grazax medication access is limited and despite availability online, Smart Allergy Solutions is the first online platform to provide Grazax under the supervision of highly trained doctors and the governance of world leading allergists.

By choosing Smart Allergy Solutions, patients are guaranteed to receive a full medical assessment and expert advice throughout the course of the treatment. Furthermore, the 100 per cent secure and confidential service is offered at a highly competitive rate.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, sometimes referred to as ‘desensitisation’, was first used almost a century ago and is today widely regarded as safe and effective as well as being a fully licensed treatment.

While existing medications such as anti­histamines and steroid based medicines can alleviate some of the suffering, symptoms continue to bother many throughout the summer months. Such patients can often benefit from a type of vaccine called immunotherapy, which reduces or turns off the body’s response to the allergen, in this instance grass pollen. Immunotherapy is the only treatment which affects the underlying cause of an allergy by tricking the immune system into becoming less allergic and therefore improving symptoms significantly. Grazax is not a medicine, but a natural product made of pure grass pollen. In addition to reducing symptoms, Grazax can also reduce reliance on other medications, like steroids and anti-histamines.

Immunotherapy is backed up by extensive scientific research. It works by administering the patient with regular high doses of an allergen extract in order to reduce allergic symptoms. This then dampens the immune response, which reduces the severity of symptoms and the need for medication.

Because the immune system has a memory, the effects of immunotherapy may continue to be felt for years after the treatment is complete. Unlike any other existing allergy treatments, immunotherapy can therefore have long term benefits and in children it has been shown to prevent the future development of additional allergies and asthma symptoms.

Until recently, immunotherapy involved a large number of injections in hospital over several years. Patients had to be monitored for an hour after each shot, because of a small risk of a severe reaction.

Scientific advances have led to the introduction of sublingual immunotherapy, which removes the need for injections and is far easier and more convenient. Instead the allergen extract, in the form of a wafer­-like tablet, is dissolved under the tongue each day.

What is Grazax?

Grazax is a prescription medicine for adults and children aged five and over who suffer from grass pollen hayfever. It is approved by regulatory authorities in the UK, EU and USA and is the world’s best documented grass allergy immunotherapy product.

It is given in the form of a wafer­-like oral tablet made from a dried extract of highly purified grass pollen, which helps the body to build up a natural tolerance. It therefore targets the underlying cause of the hayfever and not just the symptoms.

The three­-year course can commence at any time, but is most effective when started three months before the pollen season. The UK pollen season typically starts in late spring (around May) so aim to commence by February. Each day the patient puts a Grazax tablet under the tongue to dissolve. Regular use increases the tolerance of the immune system towards grass pollen. The first dose must be taken under close medical supervision, with patients then continuing to administer the drug at home each day.

Extensive research shows that most patients will see a significant improvement even over their first summer taking Grazax. After completing three years of treatment, patients should also continue to feel positive benefits for some years afterwards.

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