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The process is simple, and follows the steps below…


The first step is to complete an in-depth questionnaire on Smart Allergy Solutions’ website in order to assess eligibility. Among other things, you will be asked when symptoms occur, how severe they are and what medication you use. You will be required to confirm whether you are pregnant or suffer from other conditions like asthma.

Once you have been accepted through our online questionnaire, you will be required to create an online profile and pay a non-refundable consultation fee of £150 for an allergy test consultation.


Once your registration has been approved, Smart Allergy Solutions will be in touch to make an appointment with one of our specialists at a convenient location.

The consultation will involve taking a full medical history and carrying out a panel of skin prick tests to confirm allergy. A range of treatment options will be discussed including nasal sprays and anti-histamines which are effective for hayfever as well as the option of sublingual immunotherapy (also known as desensitisation) using fully licenced medication.


If both you and the doctor agree that treatment is required, various treatments will be offered to you depending on the history and severity of your allergy which may include; antihistamines, nasal sprays, and sublingual immunotherapy. You will be counselled on how to use each one of your treatments effectively, if immunotherapy is an appropriate treatment, you will then be given the first dose during the appointment under the doctor’s supervision to ensure it is taken correctly. Detailed instructions on continuing with the three-year course will be provided.

Following your appointment, you will be required to pay a one-off fee of £300 for the first three months’ supply of the medication. We will then take monthly payments of £110 and supply the medication, through a GPhC accredited pharmacy, on a quarterly basis to you until the end of the course (36 months).  Please note for house dust mite and tree pollen treatment, monthly payments are £135/month

For immunotherapy, once the first dose is administered in the surgery, you will be required to continue each day at home. This simple process involves putting the sublingual immunotherapy tablet under the tongue to dissolve. Regular use increases the tolerance of the immune system towards pollen and the treatment recommendation for this is 3 years.

The three-year course can commence at any time but depending on the allergen this is most effective when started at least three months before the appropriate pollen season. Once the patient commits to the course and pays for the first six months of treatment, Smart Allergy Solutions will guarantee a price freeze for three years.

You will receive a monthly email from Smart Allergy Solution, as well as a web-based questionnaire to complete at the end of each hay fever season. Smart Allergy Solutions will automatically inform your GP of the initial results and about the course of treatment.

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